Training Facilities

ATTS offers training in hazardous area equipment, high & low voltage switchgear operations, explosion-protected motor maintenance, and SCR drilling systems. 

Our facility is set up to provide delegates with a “hands-on” experience in regards to realistic scenarios to enhance their practical skills. The classroom training gives a sound theoretical base.   Trainers ensure that trainees’ spend maximum amount of time on practical tasks designed to ensure their return to the work place with complete confidence to undertake work commitment.

The Ex facility is a purpose built unit whereby up to 30 delegates at a time are able to get “hands- on” exposure on equipment, and where practical competence is assessed.

HV/LV facility consists of high voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear, with HV and LV control consoles incorporating synchronizing systems. The facility is equipped with its own generators, and gives delegates practical experience in inspection, maintenance and safe switching operations.

The Generator / SCR control system is a operational RHCC / Hill Graham Controls switchboard with DC shunt motor field supply and feeder sections. This facility includes 600V generators, DC drilling motors, drilling auxiliary motor control centre, drillers and top drive control consoles, and top drive transfer panel incorporating PLC logic.  

 Delegates on the SCR courses gain a deep theoretical and practical understanding of the generator control, SCR system and field supplies, the engine actuator, and top drive control system.