SCR Course

An SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier, or thyristor) Drive regulates the current flow to a DC motor, Utilising feedback systems, the drive controls the speed, torque, direction and resulting horsepower output of the motor.

For AC motor control, the variable frequency drive (VFD) is used for speed and torque control.  However, in many industries the DC Motor/SCR Drive combination is still more common.

In the Oil & Gas and Marine industries, the SCR Drive controls the power output of and winch and propulsion drives on mobile units, and of drilling machinery (drawworks, top drives, mud-pumps etc.) on rigs, drillships and platforms.   

The SCR Drive is a very important component of the drilling system, onshore and offshore.  It has a very direct impact on drilling operations.  If an SCR Drive fails, the downtime and negative cost implication can be very great. An SCR Drive failure could even give rise to a great risk to the health and safety of the crew and may have potential for severe environment impact.

ATTS has a complete SCR drilling drive system in place to train rig electricians on the systematic and logical approach in diagnostic and maintenance of these systems. The training also aims to increase electricians’ knowledge of the operational principles of SCR Drives.

Our courses provide the opportunity for your rig electricians to be trained in ‘real world’ situations, without impacting your current operations.   With this training, the rig electrician‘s fault finding skills will improve, thereby reducing the trouble shooting time in the workplace and saving potential rig downtime.