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                                  Elevate safety awareness and competency by providing work based training and technical services to engineering professionals.



                                  Be a long term partner, contributing to the promotion of a safe work environment, and strengthening of technical competency in the Oil and Gas, Marine as well as the Process Industries.


                                  Honesty and Integrity

                                  Uphold professional integrity and honesty in all the interactions with customers, vendors, contractors, operators, staff and peers. We strongly believe that a trustworthy culture is paramount to our long term partnership.

                                  Care and Respect
                                  Treat and support each other as we would like others to treat us.

                                  Continuous Improvement
                                  Improve continually in technical competency & service quality. We strive for excellence in our service to our partners.

                                  We value life and safety is important in all our actions.